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Water Guidelines and Regulations vary between countries. Please contact your Local Authority for help and advice.

We have collated a few tips on saving water in the kitchen. Click on the link for information.

Below are two diagrams that will help you work out if you have a direct or indirect plumbing system installed in your house. It is important to know this as plumbing suppliers will need to know in order to provide the correct products.

If you have a hot water storage tank (generally in the airing cupboard) and a cold water storage tank (generally in the roof space) then you have an indirect or gravity fed system.

water guidelines indirect plumbing system

If you do not have stored hot water you will generally have an direct system. The pressure of this system will be regulated by the water pressure coming in through the supply pipes from the street.

water guidelines direct plumbing system

Kitchen Ideas Water Guideline Tip If you changed your hot water system from an indirect one (immersion heater in the airing cupboard) to a direct one (combi-boiler tucked away somewhere to make more space) you will possibly be changing the pressure of the water at the taps.

A direct water system has the same cold water pressure that is available from the mains water in the street.

An indirect system has only the amount of pressure from the gravity that can be created from the cold water storage tank. That is why the height of the cold water tank is always as high as possible in the building.

Many people are amazed at the difference in water pressure when they rip the immersion heater out to create more space and install a combi-boiler.

The difference is generally noticed most with mixer taps that are not replaced during this water system conversion. Please speak to your plumber about all the consequential effects of any changes to your water system. You may need pressure stabilizing values in the new system to reduce the problem in a high pressure area.

The following link takes you to the UK Government's website that provides detailed information on water guidelines and regulations, about water conservation, and how to find an approved plumber in your area (UK only). The link will open up a new page in your web browser so you do not loose your connection with us.

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