Kitchen Design Ideas and Practical Remodeling Advice

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Inspirational and practical kitchen design ideas, information and expert kitchen design advice with help and suggestions about every aspect of kitchen remodeling.

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We are Jo and Ian Ludlow. Jo is a formidable researcher and shopper for kitchens and kitchen products and Ian is an international sales trainer for people who sell kitchens and home improvement products.

We have combined our experience and knowledge of kitchen design ideas, products and services to build this information and solution based website for people just like you.

Visit our Kitchen Design Centre to learn how easy it is to plan your own kitchen design plan and layout your kitchen ideas to make the final project a dream come true.

Our very popular section on small kitchens designs will provide you with some brilliant storage solutions to help you maximise a compact kitchen space.

You don't have to go anywhere else for help and advice on kitchen appliances, kitchen worktops and countertops, kitchen cabinets, and all technical aspects of a kitchen remodeling project. We also keep you up to date with current trends and innovative products.

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